Strawbriquette Research

Straw Logs are a sustainable solid fuel grown as a by-product of UK Food Production. Protect the environment by using this renewable green fuel.

Fuel Britannia Straw Logs are a solid fuel suitable for all open fires, wood burners, stoves, fire pits, chimeneas and camp fires. They can be burnt in combination with other fuels, or alone. Straw logs can be used to barbeque or cook on which makes them a clean alternative to coal and wood. Straw Logs are easily lit with firelighter and paper. Each log weighs approximately 1kg and has the equivalent heat of 1kg of kiln dried firewood.

Straw Logs are a sustainable UK farm grown solid fuel.No land meant for food production is sacrificed to provide this bio-fuel. No trees are felled to create this botanical fuel. The straw is a by-product from crops of wheat, oil seed rape and peas grown for food. The growing crops capture the energy from the sun which is released as heat from the straw logs when burnt.

The CO2 released on burning the straw logs is equal to the CO2 released if the straw decomposes in the field. The equivalent amount of CO2 is reabsorbed by the next crop grown on our farm. They contain only 12% moisture content, so do not need to be seasoned. The low moisture content maximises the heat produced on burning.

The Nutrient rich ash is an ideal fertiliser for the garden thus reducing waste, promoting plant growth and therefore carbon dioxide uptake.

The packs are compact, stackable and insect free and all packaging is recyclable.