What are the logs made of?
Straw logs are made from chopped and compressed straw which is the by-product of wheat, pea and oil seed rape crops grown for food.

How are the logs bound together?
The lining in the cell walls melts under the heat generated by the force of compression and then binds the logs together on cooling

Is straw carbon neutral?
Straw is carbon neutral as the carbon absorbed by the growing crop is released on burning to be reabsorbed by the following growing crop. No ancient carbon is released in the burning of straw logs to contribute to CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The CO2 released on burning the logs would also be released if the straw was left to rot in the field.

Are straw logs better than wood and coal?
Straw logs can be co-burned with any other fuel, or burned alone. They have the advantage of being clean as well as insect and dust free. They are drier than wood and provide a consistent fuel which does not need to be seasoned before use. They leave a little more ash which is a great fertiliser for the garden.

Do I have to chop the logs?
Straw logs are ready to burn. If you do wish to use smaller logs to control the heat output they can be cleaved by hand.

Do I need to have kindling to light the logs?
No, break the logs into small chunks and the loose ends of the straw are exposed, these light easily and are good kindling to light any type of fire.

How big are the logs?
Each full size log is 27cm long with a diameter of 7cm. These are sold in packs of 10 logs.

How much do they weigh?
A full size log weighs approximately 1kg.

Do they take up a lot of space?
No, the logs can be stacked in very compact bundles. 50 packs is about the size of a fridge, 100 packs a fridge freezer and 200 packs and American style fridge freezer.

Can they be broken up for small fires?
The logs are easy to break by hand into smaller chunks of 5 – 7 cm to facilitate lighting the fire, shorter burn periods or for smaller fire places and chimeneas.

How do I light my straw logs?
1. Break off sections of a straw log. Place around a base of paper and firelighters
2. Ignite fire lighter and allow maximum draft.
3. Place a MAXIMUM of two logs on the base once fire is established. Allow to ignite then reduce draft.
4. Add further logs ONE at a time to the fire as required.

How long will they Burn for?
The burn time depends on the fire type and air draw however, a 1 kg log will typically burn for 40 minutes to an hour. Five full sized logs will burn for 4 to 5 hours.

What is the heat output of the logs?
1 kg of straw log has an energy value of 4.5kwHours which equates to 1kg of kiln dried wood at 20 moisture.

How big are the packs?
Straw logs are available in packs of 10.

How much ash will they leave?
The logs have an ash content of 3-4%. The ash is an ideal fertiliser for the garden.

How do I store my logs?
The logs have a moisture content of just 12% so must be stored in a dry location to avoid the absorption of atmospheric moisture.

Are they dirty and dusty?
The logs are clean, dust and insect free so can be cleanly stored inside the home.

Do the logs spark?
The logs DO NOT spark.

Is land meant for food production used to produce this fuel?
Arable land is used to grow the straw for the straw logs, but the straw is a by-product from the food crops, which are the primary crop. Peas, oil seed rape and wheat are produced from the same land which provides the straw.